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Behind the scenes of Guzman Y Gomez

Once upon a time two guys from NYC with a penchant for Mexican food started a little company called Guzman Y Gomez. You may have heard of it.
Each restaurant I’ve visited personally has a slightly different feel but the Toowong Village store is particularly great – mosaic walls, a great atmosphere, and a deck out front where you can get together with a group and enjoy a Friday afternoon Corona or Margarita over a taco and fries and watch the world go by.
Speaking of fries, let’s talk about the food, because I had the opportunity for a little behind the scenes tour with franchisee/store owner Gayle Hancock last week.
Aside from the incredible smells coming from the prep area, the kitchen and store was full of surprises.
“The only freezer we have is for our fries,” says Gayle.
In other words, the food is fresh, like actually fresh. And it tastes like it.
“We spend 6-9 hours a day prepping our own fresh food,” she says.
“All the meat comes in fresh so it’s marinated; we have to de-bone our barramundi. That’s the big difference.”
The difference Gayle refers to is against traditional fast food. You know, where you order at a counter and then a minute or so later are delivered a hot meal of unknown origin and you’re on your way.
“The aim is to source as much produce as possible from Australia,” says Gayle.
“We do get the salsas straight from Mexico but the meat, fish and fresh produce is from Australia.”
If you haven’t tried GYG, you’ll find there’s something for every taste (I’m pescatarian so to a find fast, health, affordable meal that caters to my diet is a big win). Vegans are also catered to, and can even partake in the chimmy mayo which is vegan friendly.
Lunch times are easy, with mini versions of the standard burrito, taco and nachos all available, and if you have kids to cater for, the kids’ meals come with a small item of your choice, chips or carrot chips, water and temporary tattoo stickers. Nothing on the menu contains artificial colours or flavours which is also a big tick.
If you’re in and around Toowong Village, ask about Guzman Y Gomez catering options, or take advantage of that inviting deck for a lunch or afternoon – no need to wait til Friday…