Hair Trends

Discover your colour

Oh to be able to go to the hair dresser and put yourself in their hands to offer advice on the colour and style that will suit you best. It’s the dream, right?

Apparently it still happens. I’m usually in the basket of telling my hair stylist (the lovely Anna at Stelios Papas Toowong) what I’m looking for, but as I’ve mentioned before, a few genius little tweaks to my tried-and-tested style have been enough to shake things up for me.

Stelios Papas Toowong owner Kristie Kesic says it’s the time of year when we’re looking to make some changes to our hair colour, but too often, we’re led by trends and celebrity styles when we should be turning more to the advice of an experienced hair stylist to find out what will work best.

Leading your best hair life is all down to savvy combinations of cut and colour, says Kristie.

“I’ve had so many clients who’ve come in and have followed a trend and it’s not necessarily them,” she says.

It’s great to be inspired by a trend, says Kristie, but it’s about taking that trend and tweaking it. Much like with your wardrobe, as it happens!

“Consultation is everything,” says Kristie.

“Finding the right style is all about face shape, eye colour, the tone of the skin, but also lifestyle. It’s about enhancing the features you want to enhance.”

They have all the tricks up their sleeve, these stylists. To draw attention to warm-toned eyes, you might choose a cool tone for your hair, or if you have balayage colour (which is still hugely popular, by the way), start the balayage contrast colour at eye level. See, tricks.

“Balayage used to be really severe and going from almost black to white, but then it became more subtle and now you have copper or red or whatever you like. It’s about using tones in the same colour family,” says Kristie.

So coming into winter, what colour trends will we be seeing that we can tweak to suit our hair?

Kristie says coppers and warm browns are still very strong for winter 2019, but a pop colour is also a great choice to contrast against a warm-toned wardrobe so you still feel vibrant through the cooler months.

Visit Stelios Papas Toowong on level 1 at Toowong Village to talk to the experts if you’re ready for a change. And if you’d like to update your wardrobe, you can book a personal style session with me, Laura Churchill.

Main image: Wella