Prepping for back to school

Some like to hand over the school list to have it filled by the school or a store, and I may be speaking too soon having not reached the school years just yet, but I’m keen to undertake the school list shop.

The stationery, the bag, the shoes – I think shopping for these things are the rituals that set up the year. They used to be when I was a kid, I remember.

If you still have a few items to tick off, here are a few shopping tips to send you on your way for those last-minute back to school items this week.


With so many great stationery retailers to choose from at Toowong Village, my tips would be these:

  • Kaisercraft for fun markers and notepads. They also have a gorgeous range of backpacks, lunch bags and boxes, and water bottles. Kaisercraft currently has 30% off kids’ back to school items.
  • Nextra has all the bases covered. Books, pens, pencils, glue – you name it. One of my favourite purchases is a paint pen you can mark containers with, it’s washable, and marks in white so it stands out more than black on a lot of colours.
  • David Jones – last-minute school shoes are still available as well as a range of bags and lunch items.
  • Village Variety – stock up on notebooks, stationery and for teachers – a brilliant range of stickers for reward charts.
  • Kmart is a treasure trove for cute stationery items and has some great backpacks to choose from as well. A few of my top finds are listed below:
Name pencil case $0.50 at Kmart

Life hack – these name plate pencil cases make great eco-friendly party bags for birthday parties. Personalise with your child’s friends’ names or use the letters to spell thank you : )

Sharpie 12 pack $10 at Kmart

Colour coding notes and folders is always a good idea.

3-in-1 combo board $12 at Kmart

Visual people will benefit from a wall planner where everything for the week is laid out in style.

4 piece organiser, $6 at Kmart

This is more of an optional extra or maybe more like something I’d have on my wish list for back to work organisation on my desk, but I love having everything in front of me or close to hand while I work. The fact this organiser is animal print-inspired doesn’t hurt its cause, either.

Happy back to school everyone and good luck to first-time school parents next week.

Main image: Kaisercraft.

Words: Laura Churchill.
Laura Churchill is a Brisbane stylist and fashion event director. Her work is regularly seen across Toowong Village through our personal styling program, social media and events.