Trend report: Blue

If you’ve got the blues at the moment, you’re not alone.

I’m seeing blue everywhere I look. Sussan’s coat started it. Launched with its first new season drop last month, the divine bluebell colour feels like the breathe of fresh air that’s needed when the air starts to change this year and turns cool.

What else is great about this blue is that it lifts a neutral look with ease. Just like denim/chambray – pale blue works with so many other colours. Plains or prints, for that matter, if it’s in lush winter tones you can be sure could be tweaked to work with this soft statement.

The new blue is beautiful when paired with leopard print, again as seen at Sussan recently. I also love the tonal tie-in with nutmeg and camel which are also very strong this season, or just with black and white.

In short, don’t be afraid to invest in a piece in this statement colour. It’ll be a lot more eye catching than the darker alternatives and will work with your wardrobe more than you think.

Sussan coat $299

Milana scarf, $51.50 at David Jones

Main image: David Jones
Words: Laura Churchill.
Laura Churchill is a Brisbane stylist and fashion event director. Her work is regularly seen across Toowong Village through our personal styling program, social media and events.