Need to hire a vehicle?

Hiring a GoGet vehicle is easy.

You can book just the time you need, as little as an hour or a few days.

Join GoGet at https://www.goget.com.au/how-it-works/ to book a vehicle, tap your member card and drive.

General, Business, Student and Seniors rates available.



The Go Get car hire pod is located in Toowong Village, Basement 1 carpark.

How to access this pod:

  1. When in Basement 1, turn right at the Toowong Village Customer Service Counter to enter the carpark. The cars are ahead and to the right of you as you head across the zebra crossing.
  2. Please use the main Sherwood Rd entry when driving into and out of the carpark. There are no passes, the gate uses licence plate recognition.



All GoGet vehicles are:

  • Automatic
  • Airconditioned
  • Fully maintained and serviced to manufacturer standards
  • Cleaned regular by professional contractors
  • Covered by 24 hour Roadside Assistance

All GoGet vehicles are fitted with:

  • Child-seat anchor points (excluding utes & vans)
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Fuel card to you can fuel up on the GoGet account at 90% of service stations


For more information about GoGet vehicles available for hire at Toowong Village visit https://www.goget.com.au/pod/2448/